RCM 1 oz Gold Bar: Diversify Your Portfolio

RCM 1 oz gold bar

RCM 1 oz gold bar is a great opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios as it has been produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. This mint also makes other bullion like coins and goldbacks, among which gold bars are believed to be the best and  99.99% pure. 

Understanding  RCM 1 oz gold bar

The RCM 1 oz gold bar is very authentic and has a modern design. These weigh around 1 Troy oz as they are 50 mm long, 28 mm wide, and 1.5 mm thick. They also include the following features: 

Best Quality

The RCM gold bars have the best quality along with a complete sleek and modern look. Due to the fact that each bar includes exactly one troy ounce of gold that is rated at.9999 fineness, those individuals who are looking for pure gold bullion will discover that this product is an excellent option to consider.

Provides Certificate 

You are provided with an authenticity and assay certificate which is included in the packaging of every gold bar that is purchased from the RCM. This certificate is included in the package, which gives the investors all the information regarding this gold bar, including its weight, serial number, and purity.

Modern Design 

The design of the gold bars is modern and very sophisticated, including the logo of RCM on the obverse side. The reverse side of these bars includes serial number, purity, and weight, where all these designs have a particular status. Thus making it easy for you to identify and validate it. 

Recognized Internationally

The gold bars are recognized internationally by many people like investors, bullion dealers, banks, etc. These bars have liquidity and recognition which encourages investors like you to invest in these bars without any fear. 

Compact Size

Gold bars come in compact sizes, which can motivate investors like you to include them in your portfolio. These are also very good for new investors who have just started investing in bullion.  

After understanding about this gold bar, let’s look at the various benefits of them. 

Benefits of Investing in RCM Gold Bars 

Gold bars are known as a secure asset which can defend investors against economic crises. These also include the following Benefits:

  • Diversify Your Portfolio

Gold bars can be used to diversify your portfolio without any risks. These decorative bars weighing one once can be the best choice for both new and old investors. 

  • Protection Against Inflation

Gold has always been viewed as an insurance against inflation. This is because Gold’s value increases during this time even when the value of currencies decreases. So, investing in gold bars would be like investing in a secure asset that will assist you during this time.

  • Offers Portfolio Stability

Gold bars can be a stable asset, which can contribute to the stability while strengthening it. As a result of the fact that these bars have the potential to contribute to decreasing volatility, the introduction of RCM 1 oz gold bars into your investment portfolio may prove to be helpful.

  • Preserve Your Wealth

Investment in Gold bars can help you preserve your wealth for your coming generation as there value or buying power does not fluctuate like the currencies. 


RCM 1 oz gold bar can help you maintain the stability and diversity of your portfolio. These precious metals are reliable and very authentic and can help you secure your future. RCM gold bars are for everyone, whether they are experienced or novice investors. They are very useful, especially during inflation, which is why you must invest in  RCM 1 oz gold bar at CanAm Bullion and diversify your portfolio!

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