Avalon River Cruises Dress Code

Avalon River Cruises Dress Code

Avalon River Cruises are Europe’s leading fleet of luxury river cruise vessels and they take pride in their on-board dress code which sets the tone for the sophisticated atmosphere and elegant ambiance. Avalon River Cruises offer an exceptional experience to their passengers, so to be able to enjoy their luxurious services, here’s a guide to what to wear and what not to wear on Avalon River Cruise.

Daytime Cruise Attire

When it comes to the day dress code, you can easily keep it both formal and informal. Women are suggested to prefer trousers and skim blouses along with a cardigan, dress or skirt. Meanwhile, men are supposed to stick to collared shirts and darker colored jeans, along with a blazer or a sport coat.

Informal Dinner Attire

When it comes to special dinners or gatherings that require personal style, women can consider wearing a skirt, dress or dressy separates with a nice pair of heels. Men can pair a dress shirt along with trousers and a sport coat or a suit.

Formal Dinner Attire

On some special occasions, the Avalon River Cruises may ask you to dress up to the formal standards. For gentlemen, a nice suit, collared shirt and a tie would be perfect. Women can choose to wear a cocktail dress or a skirt with a nice top and heels.

Late Night Dress Code

Late Night attire is more casual compared to the formal and informal dinner dress codes. Men can dress smartly in jeans with a nice collared shirt and women can opt for jeans with a nice blouse or a dress.


Though there are some rules and regulations set by the Avalon River Cruises, there are exceptions to some nights according to the theme. If you are informed about such occasions, you can dress up to the required dress code according to the theme or occasion.

Related Examples

  • Women can opt for casual dresses or skirts for the day tour and for a formal dinner, long dresses with skirts or dressy separates.
  • Gentlemen can wear a nice collared shirt and trousers for formal dinner and jeans and a T-shirt for late night.
  • During informal dinner, women can pair a dressy skater dress with high heels whereas men can pair chinos with a shirt and a well-fitted blazer.


Q1. Is short/mini skirts allowed on Avalon River Cruise?

Ans. Mini/short skirts are not allowed on the Avalon River Cruise, since the dress code is formal-casual. You should opt for dresses and skirts with a length below or equal to the knees.  

Q2. Can I wear sandals/flip-flops/slippers in dinner?

Ans. Sandals/flip-flops/slippers are not allowed in dinner on the Avalon River Cruise. You should wear formal or semi-formal shoes according to the dress code. 

Q3. Is a tie required for dinner?

Ans. A tie is only required for formal dinners and it is not required for casual dinners. However, you should dress according to the occasion. 

Q4. Is a suit required for formal dinner?

Ans. A suit is recommended for formal dinners, however an elegant sport coat with a matching pair of trousers and dress shirt is equally accepted. 

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